Attract the hottest girls, make more friends than you will know what to do with, and live the college experience you have always dreamed about. You studied for finals, the SATs, & the ACTs. You got into an awesome school, BUT:

When did you ever study how to be successful AT college??

Before I went to college, I visited a few schools briefly and I attended a weekend orientation. That was about it. No guidance counselor ever told me what was truly important and absolutely no one gave me a book or guide of any kind. All the stuff I read about girls didn’t seem to work at school, and I had no clue how to find what I wanted to do on campus.

It seemed as if everyone expected me to know how to be successful at college without any help or guidance at all!

It was my first time ever living away from home too. That first weekend, I was lost and had no idea what to do. I knew I wanted to have that “college experience” that I saw in the movies but had no idea how to go about attaining it. I was nervous, lonely, and clueless as to what I could do.

From that day on I decided I would learn how to make my ideal college life happen, no matter what.

After two years of changing, refining, and honing my way of being, there was a moment where I truly felt like THE KING of my school.

Learn what took me two years to figure out in only TWO WEEKS

The Campus King book is exactly that guide I wish I had the first day of school. Hell, I wish I had it the summer before school. I would have studied it and wasted less time making mistakes! Now is your chance to get the book that someone should have given YOU the day you graduated high school. Not convinced yet? Keep reading below!!



This is not like ANY other books you may have read on seduction, or status, or getting women, or anything in the genre. It is a COMPLETELY NEW take that was developed over years of trial, error, experience, questioning, and studying what worked & what doesn’t! No one has been taught a system like this until now and you will be one of the FIRST to have it!


I’m Adam


I had girls banging down my door at night, I got invited to more parties then I could ever attend, and I was comfortable anywhere on campus. I could talk with anyone. Women were attracted to me and all the men were my friends. Life was good.

Now, 10 years after college, life is even better. I met the girl of my dreams and we have a family together. The social skills I learned in college set me up for life more than any other thing I learned at school. Meeting people and having successful relationships is one of the most important things in life. It took me years to get it right!

Now, it is my mission to share what I learned with YOU! I put my REAL NAME on the book because I’m proud of the system and how it is helping guys all over the world. I’m not some anonymous cartoon and I have no pseudonym, I stand by what I teach personally!

Me speaking at an event.

Me speaking at an event.


Is this book for you?

  • Constantly getting stuck in the friend zone?

  • Not comfortable getting intimate or sexual with girls?

  • Afraid people won’t like you?

  • An incoming freshman with no idea what college is like?

  • Your first year did not go how you wanted it to?

  • Jaded about college and think it will never get any better?

  • Driving home from school on weekends?

  • College not what you expected or hoped it would be?

  • Doing the same things every weekend?

  • Trouble making friends besides your roommate?

  • Not going to any parties?

  • Everyone else having fun but you?


ANYONE can do it!! Any year of college, no matter what you look like now!

I’ve seen skinny nerdy types apply my system and be successful, I’ve seen heavy fat guys apply my system and be successful too! It works for ANYONE. As long as you follow exactly what is layed out in the book you will see AMAZING SUCCESS. Within two weeks you will be going to parties that you never dreamed of, and talking with women who you might have thought were way out of your league.

It doesn’t matter if you are a freshman or a senior.

Students of every year can use my system in Campus King to change their life into something they DREAMED about. If you are not getting what you want out of college socially, no matter what the year. Campus King can help you.

No one gave you a guide on how to be successful at college! It’s not your fault!

No one teaches you how to go to college and thrive in a highly social environment. There are no high school classes, there are no summer classes, and no textbooks. You are on your own from the first day you start school to when you finish. It took me two years to learn the secrets of how to become King of the school, and I was really trying. Don’t be someone who never tries and falls into a comfortable pattern of mediocrity. You now have the opportunity to learn everything much faster.

What took me YEARS to figure out might only take you WEEKS after you read the book!

Campus King is the guide that they should have given you the summer before you started school. It hasn’t been your fault that you haven’t been set up for success, but now that you know something exists to solve all your problems it’s time to take action and do something about it.

You can never say you didn’t know what to do anymore after finding out about this book.

If you are not having the best college experience possible, it is only right to do something about it. Otherwise, WHAT ARE YOU PAYING ALL THAT MONEY FOR? If you’ve ever felt like you wanted more out of your life at school, this is the book to get!

How my life at school changed after i became the king

Me in College!!

Me in College!!

  • I made hundreds of friends, that I all knew by name.

  • I slept with the hottest women on campus including cheerleaders, sorority girls, and athletes.

  • I always had something to do on any given night.

  • My grades, health, and attitude all improved immensely.

  • I joined four clubs full time and participated in dozens more.

  • I hooked up with girls I had crushes on in high school during winter and summer break.

  • I met a girl that I liked more than any other and made her my exclusive girlfriend

  • My confidence was through the roof

  • I had all the tools I needed to be completely successful in life when I left school.


What’s in the Book?


makE friends

Making friends is the most important thing you can do at school. Campus King gives you many tips and tricks for being social and making awesome friends .

About your campus

Should I live in one area or the other? Where should I go to hang out? Where are the parties and where are the best places to meet new people? (not where you think!)


hook up with girls

Sometimes you want to be more than just friends with a girl. Learn how to never get stuck in the friend zone or get told by a girl that she wants to be “just friends.”

have incredible sex

Even the most experienced guys will learn how to have incredible sex that keeps women coming back and telling their friends about you (in a good way)!


I write about these topics in Campus King


  • How to talk sexually and make dirty jokes without being “creepy”

  • How to really make lasting change in your life

  • How to use different social media platforms to your advantage

  • How to interact with all the different types of people on campus

  • How to go from meeting a girl to getting intimate step by step

  • How to have a successful relationship

  • Drugs & substance abuse in college and how to AVOID it while still having FUN!

Campus King: the ultimate guide for men in college


“I wish I got this book when I first started school. It’s amazing.” - Tom M

“I had never even kissed a girl, now I hook up with a cheerleader.” -Derrick

“I had sex a few times before but I had never really given a girl an orgasm. Now My girlfriend won’t keep her hands off me and said I’m the best sex she has ever had.” -Rob R

“They should hand this book out at every high school graduation. It’s better than a diploma!!” - Danny C

“This book was not like any other book I read about getting with girls or attracting women. I had to unlearn ALOT of stuff, but once I got it down it completely changed my life.” -Anonymous


“ This book was invaluable!!! Even though I played sports and had a bunch of friends, I was having trouble attracting girls. I realized there was so much I wasn’t doing and all the stuff I was doing wrong!” - Michael D

“Every guy should get a copy of this the first year of summer after high school, It’s THAT good.” - Pat H

“I’ve lost weight, met two best friends, and slept with 6 women this year. Campus King changed my life!” -Ricky L

“I never thought I would join a frat, but after reading Campus King I ended up joining one and it was the best thing for my life!” - Arjun

“The only thing you ever have to read about getting with girls for the rest of your life.” -Matt K




Learn why girls keep telling my students that they are the best sex of their entire life. SERIOUSLY. This book could stand alone based on the sex secrets I teach you which you can find no where else. But before you can ever have sex you need to meet and attract the women first! Campus King guides you step by step through the whole process and makes it SO EASY that ANYONE CAN DO IT!

It’s time to change your life


If you keep doing what you have always done, nothing will change and nothing will get any better. The best part is my system is EASY and FAST. You will see results in just a FEW DAYS. You can be so much more than you are now and all it takes is a first step. Let the Campus King system change your life into the one you have always dreamt about.

Here’s how to download:

Click the link below! To download your FREE ebook click the link on the left. To get into the VIP mentoring program click the link on the right.


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  • First Edition Campus King Ebook



campus king: vip

  • First Edition Campus King Ebook

  • 1 month access of priority e-mail support (24 hr response in most cases)

  • Personalized help and question answering from THE expert

  • Grandfathered pricing when VIP increases.




Think of how much all your books for class cost. Hundreds if not thousands. Here is the one book that teaches you what you really want to learn: how to become king of your campus and have an incredible college experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life.



I believe in Campus King so much I’m offering a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t make new friends and attract women after reading the whole book, I’ll give you all of your money back. What do you have to lose??? Give the system some time to work and follow the simple steps outlined in the book. If you are not satisfied you will get a FULL REFUND!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my book available immediately?

Yes, after purchasing you will be given a download link that lasts for 24 hours (TWENTY FOUR). You will be able to download the book immediately and begin reading on your favorite pdf viewing software.

Do I get access to the book forever?

Yes. If for some reason you lost your download link, your book was deleted, or anything else that happens causing you to lose your copy of Campus King. E-mail me with the e-mail you used to purchase the book and I will send you another 24 hour download link.

Why isn’t the book free?

I believe that people do not value and respect things they get for FREE. It is too easy and you have no skin in the game. I contemplated charging far more for this book because of it’s life changing power, but I decided to keep it affordable for even the most cash strapped of college students. The price may not stay like this forever.

Is the book shipped to my house?

No this is just an ebook. There will be a physical copy available for purchase at some point, or you may request one from me printed on demand for an extra charge.

Can I buy a hard copy?

Yes! Currently we are printing on demand at . You can find the book here: . If you buy the print copy, I will send you a copy of the ebooks as well. Just e-mail me at

What format is the book & can I get an epub?

The current download gives you a pdf file because it’s the easiest to read on all devices. There is an epub version available if you prefer to read it on a kindle or other ebook reader device. You can get access to the epub version with your purchase, just send me an e-mail at and I will send over the other version

Is my payment info safe and secure?

Yes of course! I cannot see anyone’s payment information and the entire payment process is encrypted and secured. There are multiple ways of paying, you can use the major credit cards or Paypal.